First United Methodist Church
Sunday, August 25, 2019
Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.
Sunday School from 9:30-10:30 starting September 9
Nursery:  Linda Powell is on duty to care for children younger than 3 years old so the parents can attend Sunday School.  The Nursery is also open with parent paging during worship for children up thru Kindergarten age.
Children:  Children's Sunday school is upstairs.  We have 3 classes.  Preschool (ages 3 thru Kindergarten) is taught by Sue Hankey.  1st and 2nd Grade is taught by Audrey Green and 3rd-6th Grade is taught by Kelly Hoffman.   This year will focus on FAMILY.
Youth:  Melissa Flanders is teaching a new Bible Study series for 7th thru 12 graders.  This series (FATHOM)  will help our youth have a deeper understanding and application of the Bible in their lives.  This class meets in the church basement.
Adult Alternative Adult Class:  Led by Brad Hellein - will continue the series "Killin' It" for the first 3 weeks then start a video book series " A Case for Christ" .  This class meets in the large room at the Covenant Center
Adult Wesleyan Class  -Led by Jim Ternent  - It is open to all adults of all ages who are interested in learning more about what the Bible teaches us about Christian living - morals and values.   This fall the subject will be "God's World and God's People" based on the Old Testament.    The lessons are broken into 3 segments.  
     1. God Created the World (the goodness of the creation and how humankind chose to do wrong and introduced sin into God's perfectly created world)
     2. God destroys and Re-Creates (the story of Noah and the flood and then Go'ds restoration through Abraham and Sarah and Isaac and Rebecca).
     3. God blesses and Re-Creates regardless (ow God blessed humble Isaac in enemy territory and how God blessed Jacob despite deceit but who later established a right relationshship with God)