First United Methodist Church
Monday, May 20, 2019
Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.


Current Mission Focus

UMCOR Cleaning buckets

       During the last several months, may areas of our country have experienced devastation following floods, tornadoes and hurricanes AND the overwhelming task of cleaning up.  The need for UMCOR (United Methodist Committee On Relief)  cleaning buckets has become urgent.  While UMCOR is not a first-response organization, it stands ready to assist communities in need over the long haul of their recovery until a "new normal" is established after a crisis.  "Early in  last out" is a guiding principle of UMCOR.  

     Our church family will respond by filling at least six of these buckets.  Since the cost of supplying a complete cleaning bucket is $75, we will provide options in how you can help:

     1) Each bucket will have different post-it notes, listing exact materials needed for each bucket.  You may choose one or two of the post-it notes, buy those exact materials and bring them back to church.

     2) If you are motivated to donate a complete bucket on your own, we will provide you with the list of materials.

     3) If you prefer to donate money, make checks payable to FUMC.  Our Mission committee will buy needed materials for the buckets.

Community Food Bank

           The food bank continues to pick up our contributions of boxed food, peanut butter and canned goods each month.  Remember to bring your items in for this great need.  Food Bank containers are at each church doorway.

Aluminum Cans - Habitat for Humanity

      We continue to collect aluminum cans of any kind.  All cans are counted and sold for recycling with the proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity with our annual VBS mission project.   In the past 23 years we have collected over 705,000 cans giving $11,996 to Habitat for Humanity.   We have already received 26,842 cans towards our 2019 VBS collection.   Cans can be left on the ramp door at the back of the church.  

Pill Bottles (Manorville)

     If you have empty pill bottles in your medicine cabinet, remove the labels (Goo-gone removes the sticky labels), and bring to Manorville (we will have a collection box at FUMC in the library room).  The bottles will be washed, dried and sorted by color and placed in large ziplock bags to be shipped to Africa or Asia.  Many small villages don't have "containers" to take their medicine home with them.  This is a win-win project - those in need will have a way to take their medicine home with them and we will not fill our landfills with empty bottles!



Recent Mission Updates

 Heifer Project - Look for an update next month, but we far surpassed our goal of raising enough money to purchase a single water buffalo!!!

 Ramps of Hope - Look for an update next month, but we had donations to purchase many screws and lagbolts for the team.

Thank you to our church family for their financial giving and volunteers for giving their time