First United Methodist Church
Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.

Bulletin - April 1 (Easter)

April 1, 2018









PASTOR: Pastor Wade Berkey



CHURCH OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Thursday 8:00-4:00 PM




If you are visiting for the first time today,


            We are so glad that you are here! Should you need any kind of assistance during the service, please contact one of the ushers or the attendant at the Welcome Center. We would love to answer any questions that you may have. Please be sure and complete the Connect Card (a bulletin insert) and place it in the offering plate later in the service. You can check us out at or on our Facebook page to find out more information about us.

            Our prayer is that you have felt welcomed today and that your week will be blessed.

We Gather Together and Praise God

Music to prepare us for worship!

Ringing of the Call to Worship Bell


Call to Worship (Acts 10, 1 Corinthians 15)

Hear the good news: Christ is Risen!

          But we watched him die.

Sing the good news: Christ is alive!

          But we saw him buried in the tomb.

Share the good news. Death has lost its sting!

          We will sing with the angels and laugh with the saints of God.


*Opening Hymns:           “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”                      No. 302

                                               “In Christ Alone”                                          Inserts                           


 *Opening Prayer (Psalm 118, John 20) 

 God of mystery and might, when we dread the dawn of grief and pain, surprise us with the light of your wondrous love. We come to the tomb expecting death, but find life instead. As we behold the glory of our salvation, take us back to that moment of faith when fear was healed by hope and death was swallowed up by life. In the holy awe of Easter morning, may our hearts rest in silent gratitude before they shout that Christ is alive and has called us by name. Amen.


We Hear  God’s Word

First Reading:                  1 Corinthians 15:1-11                (N.T. p. 176)

Second Reading:                  John 20:1-18                           (N.T. p. 114)       

The Children’s Message (all children through elementary are invited)

(Children Kindergarten through 6th grade are dismissed for Children’s Church)   


The Sermon


We Respond to God’s Word             

Special Music                  “Crown Him Lord This Easter Day!”       Adult Choir

Praying Together

Silent Prayer/Altar Time/Pastoral Prayer

Invitation to the Offering (Acts 4)

The first Christian communities were one in heart and mind, sharing everything in common, that none would be in need. Let us be one in heart and mind as we share what we have with those in need this day.


Offering Prayer

Gathering of the Offering      


Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; praise Him all creatures here below; Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts; praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.


Going Forth to Serve God

*Closing Hymns:                         “Something Beautiful”                     No. 394

                                                         “Christ is Risen”                               No. 307


The Blessing/Sending Forth

Music to send us forth for God’s purpose! 

*Congregation stands if able.

Ask an usher for a large print hymnal or bible or personal hearing device.

Our Mission…

is to know Jesus and to make Jesus known.


Our Vision…

is to be the church that displays the love of Christ and connects with people of all walks of life






 through worshiping, growing, and serving.










Help is needed with mowing our church lawns. We want to set up a schedule so no one has total responsibility. The church owns a Cub Cadet mower with a 54” blade (headlight for you night mowers!) and a hand mower. Contact the church office or Mary Jo Lipski (724-545-2289). We really need your help.


First Church is looking for a volunteer to help with our Worship Services. There

is a need for a volunteer to coordinate and schedule the young people to light

the candles. This person would also be required to be here on Sunday to help

the young people put on the acolyte robe and light the candle lighter. Will you help?

VBS 2018

JUNE 18th-22nd         9:00-12:00 PM

We will be doing Cokesbury’s Rolling River Rampage-Experience the ride of a lifetime with God.  Many VBS CREW LEADERS are needed for his year’s Rolling River Adventure. Crew Leaders can be teens or adults of any age!

What does a VBS Crew Leader do?

          Update the Attendance sheet each morning

          Keep your group of kids together/safe during the morning

          Get your group to the next station on time (there are steps to go


          Collect nametags at end of day

          Check out children to parents after closing

          Remain in the sanctuary until all children are released to parents

          Have fun in the morning!

          Nap in the afternoon!

If this sounds like something you can do to help with this OUTREACH for our church, please contact Sue Hankey (724-545-1656) or the church office (724-548-4312)



Time to sign-up for summer camp! Summer camp brochures from Jumonville, Wesley Woods and Camp Allegheny are at each door. The church will pay for full tuition the first year of camp and 50% for the years after that.



Newsletters are available by email and on the church’s website as well as paper copy. If you would like to have your newsletter emailed to you instead of paper mailed please let the office know or put your email address on your connect card with a note to change you to email. Thank you.



The First United Methodist Church Library is NEVER CLOSED! Please feel free to visit our library anytime you are in our church.



The annual rummage sale will be Saturday, June 9th.  You may bring in donations Wednesday, May 30th-Sunday, June 3rd.  We accept any donation except clothing and electronics.



One of Jean Schaeffer’s many talents was hand-making porcelain dolls. Her family has kept many, but has a few left to offer to others who may have an appreciation for them. The Schaeffer family will be offering them after church, in the Library Room, on Sunday, April 15, 2018 for a donation toward the “Ramp Roof  Project” that Bob Schaeffer’s memorial funds will go toward. A suggested donation will be $10-$20 per doll. Thank you for helping the family share Jean’s love of dolls while helping FUMC.


May Newsletter deadline, Tuesday, March 17th



THANK YOU to all who helped with our Lenten fish dinners. They really do depend on all who bake or contribute to pies, set up and work at the dinners, as well as those who come to eat or encourage others to come.  We served a little over 1000 dinners as well as some extra pieces of pie and partial dinners. We will have about $6300 to contribute to church funds.  $5316 of that has been added to church funds now, with the remainder to come after it is used to help fund our Folk Festival Food Booth August 2 – 5.



Remember our nursery (with parent paging system) is available to all children thru 4 years during Sunday School and Worship.




TODAY, April 1st

Easter Sunday

9:30 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship


MONDAY, April 2nd

CC Clean Team


TUESDAY, April 3rd

8:30 AM 3R’s

6:00 PM Women’s Fellowship

7:00 PM Staff/Parish Relations

7:00 PM New Found Freedom-CC


WEDNESDAY, April 4th

3:45 PM ARC Manor

6:00 PM Adult Choir


THURSDAY, April 5th

7:00 PM Heavenly Daughters


SATURDAY, April 7th

8:30 AM Kelly Stover-CC

6:30 PM We Surrender-CC


SUNDAY, April 8th

9:30 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Worship

2:00 PM Camp 43-CC


THANK YOU to the following individuals for assisting with today’s service:

Usher Team:                                       Asbury/Mary Jo Lipski

Worship Sound System:                     John Yankasky

Acolyte:                                              Joey Kachur  

Welcome Center:                                Mary Jo Lipski

Scripture Reader:                                Jim Ternent 

Bell Ringer:                                        Ashley Yankasky

Children’s Church:                             Carolyn Gallaher


2018 Easter Flowers

          The flowers in our sanctuary speak of new life.  They remind us so beautifully of Christ's resurrection and are presented to the Glory of God by the following



Loved Ones                                (1 Lily)

          Given by Pam & Herb Coggon


Frances and Edward Collins Jr      (1 Hyacinth)

          Given by Deborah Collins


Mr. & Mrs. Eberly Bowser            (1 Hyacinth)

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bowser          (1 Tulip)

Roy K. Felton                             (1 Mini Daffodil)

          Given by Sally, Martha Anne, Brandon,

                           Larissa & Levi


Tim Ferguson                              (1 Hyacinth)

Jill Ferguson Kropinak                   (1 Tulip)

          Given by Mark & Susan Ferguson


 Loved Ones                                (1 Hyacinth)

          Given by Carolyn Gallaher


Mom & Dad, Bob & Jean Schaeffer         (1 Tulip)

          Given by Audrey & Bernie Green


Helen Greenawalt                                 (1 Lily)

          Given by Charles Greenawalt Family




Bob Schaeffer                                      (1 Tulip)

Jean Schaeffer                                     (1 Hyacinth)

          Given by Patty Schaeffer Heasley & family



Violet, Leonard & Kenny Pierson            (1 Tulip)

Rosalie & Elmer Heckert                        (1 Tulip

           Given by Joe & Sarah Heckert

Grandparents, Bob & Jean Schaeffer      (1 Tulip)

Brother-in-law, Steven Kachur            (1 Mini Daffodil)        

          Given by Valerie & Matthew Kachur


Loved Ones                                (2 Hyacinths)

          Given by Ken & Donna Lazan


Our Parents                                (1 Lily)

          Given by Rich & Mary Jo Lipski


Loved Ones                                (1 Hyacinth)

          Given by Mary Jane Luke


Our Parents:

Ralph & Dorothy Martin & Lou McKelvey                                                                   

                                                  (1 Tulip)

          Given by Janet & Larry McKelvey


Mom & Dad LaForce and Sonny    (1 Lily)                  

          Given by daughter and sister Beverly


Robert Podvorec, Husband & father

                                                 (1 Hyacinth)

          Given by Mandy, Colton & Trent


Loved Ones                               (1 Tulip)

          Given by Karen Scaife


Dad & Mike                                (1 Tulip)

           Given by Pam Scaife


Our grandparents                       (1 Hyacinth)

                                                 (2 Tulips)

          Given by Gabe, Merissa & Madelyn Smith


Cagney Joseph Dilick                    (1 Tulip)

          Given by Shari Stull


Maryalda & John W. Buzard Jr.       (1 Hyacinth)

Elizabeth Rumbarger                              (1 Hyacinth)

          Given by Milly & Frank Tarr


Old Grandma                             (1 Hyacinth)

Pup                                           (1 Mini Daffodil)

          Given by Taylor, Mac & Jud


Loved Ones                                (2 Mini Daffodils)

          Given by Cindy & Tim Volek



Our parents and our son Ryan      (1 Hyacinth)

          Given by Dan & Carol Wolfe




Loved Ones                                  (2 Mini Daffodils)   

          Given by Pam & Herb Coggon     


Bonnie Ferguson                         (1 Mini Daffodil)

          Given by Mark & Susan Ferguson


Our Children & Grandchildren      (1 Mini Daffodil)

          Given by Audrey & Bernie Green


Children, Grandchildren & Great Grandson

                                                (1 Tulip)

          Given by Joe & Sarah Heckert


Our Children                              (2 Tulips)

          Given by Brad & Mert Hellein


The Glory of God                        (1 Hyacinth)

          Given by Rich & Mary Jo Lipski


Family                                       (1 Hyacinth)

          Given by Mary Jane Luke


Loved Ones                                (1 Mini Daffodil)

          Given by Karen Scaife


Mom & My other loved ones        (1 Mini Daffodil)

          Given by Pam Scaife


Family                                       (1 Mini Daffodil)

          Given by Alice & Jim Ternent


Mommy Toth                             (1 Tulip)

Grandma Beach                          (1 Tulip)

          Given by Taylor, Mac & Jud